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Dr.Knee™ Brace Double Strap

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Do you suffer from knee pain when you're active and it feels like even walking is already a tough task?

You probably know from experience that knee problems today!!! Are the biggest reason why people stop being active. More than any other area of your body, your knees are exposed to a variety of forces and actions. Especially when you are exercising, running or playing.


The best braces for your knees are finally here!

Designed with the most advanced technology, these knee wraps will keep you in top form and stop any potential injury.

The Double Strap Knee Braces might just be the perfect solution you’ve been looking for. Providing unprecedented support above and below the knee to deliver immediate relief!

  • Weak Knees: Simple wear and tear can greatly reduce the strength of the knees, causing pain and discomfort. These are called weak knees and are caused by illnesses, injuries, and overuse.
  • Jumpers Knee: Jumpers' knee is an overuse injury that is common among athletes who participate in sports. The term also applies to injury or inflammation where the thigh muscle tendons attach to the upper kneecap pole or where the kneecap tendons attach to the lower leg bone.

Accelerated natural recovery: by stimulating and increasing blood circulation around the joint, our brace helps the body heal itself naturally and more effectively. Enjoy a stable recovery with extra padding around the kneecap and comfortable skin-friendly neoprene. The adjustable straps and simple design can support knees of almost any shape and size. Incredibly versatile and effective support for relief of chronic pain and acute injuries.

How can the Double Strap Knee Brace help my knee osteoarthritis?

If you have wanted to relieve pain and protect your knee joint while walking, sitting, standing or bending... The double knee brace is the perfect thing for you! And here's why...

As easy as that sounds... Knee Brace with Double Strap Open Kneecap Design allows for breathable flexibility so you can wear this knee brace while being active during the day.

This knee brace for osteoarthritis is designed to provide mild to moderate support for your joints, tendons, and ligaments, so you can avoid pain and help your knee recover to a full and active range of motion.

You see, made of high-quality neoprene and medical grade silicone... A double-strap knee brace can help facilitate optimal comfort when walking, it excels at providing targeted knee support that relieves knee pain so you can perform daily tasks without worrying about pain and allows you to squat and stand easier, walk lighter, run faster, jump higher and lift heavier all while staying 100% safe. 

  • Reduce existing knee pain, protect against injury and improve your performance.
  • Helps reduce the pain associated with many common injuries etc.
  • Reduce knee pain and get support
  • Helps with alignment and keeping the kneecap in place
  • Adjustable straps to fit multiple shapes and sizes
  • Designed to be worn all day without having to constantly adjust the strap
  • Double-layer pressure seal
  • Protects your kneecap


Relieve and prevent:

Patellar Tendonitis Slidgigt
Weak knees Pain above/below the knee
Ankle knee Long distance runners
Osgood Schlatter disease Chondromalacia Patella
Running knee Go down stairs
Misalignment of the quadriceps (Q-angle) Pain lateral and medial




  1. Place the center of the "X" knee strap on the back of the knee and wrap the straps around to the front.
  2. The longer strap should be placed above the knee and the shorter strap below the knee, approximately 1.5-2" from the center of the kneecap.
  3. Use one of the openings to adjust the size.
  4. Secure the straps so they are comfortable and tight, but not too tight to restrict circulation.

The decision is up to you. We believe that protecting your kneecap is all that matters! Try it yourself Knee Brace With Double Strap. At our risk - why not TODAY!


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